Winbro Group Technologies is a US family owned technology based business which has been operating for over 30 years.

Substantial growth over the last 20 years initiated from the acquisition of two UK companies, MJT Ltd and Amchem Ltd, both of which were established companies manufacturing High Speed EDM, Laser drilling and ECM (Electro Chemical Machining) machines and defining the strategy to become a turbine solutions company.

Today the company is totally involved in the manufacture and development of High Speed EDM, (based on high pressure de-ionised water) and Laser drilling machine systems and processes to meet the demanding requirements for drilling cooling holes in both Aero and Industrial Gas turbines.

Winbro Group Technologies has always embraced the philosophy of providing a total solution to customer’s requirements and this continued with the creation, in 2005, of WAM (Winbro Advanced Machining). WAM, with facilities in both the UK & USA, are for turbine component production, EDM & Laser drilling of HP blades, vanes, segments and combustion parts using our own machine systems.

More recently, with the acquisition of the FGC Grinding product line (now manufactured at Winbro in the UK) the introduction of complimentary machines and processes such as ‘Viper’, creep feed grinding and EDM die-sinking, we are moving closer to offering full part manufacture. WAM certifications include ISO9001, AS9100, Nadcap for non-conventional processes as well as independent accreditation with many of the industry’s blue chip OEM’s.

HSD6-III EDM for single & multi-point drilling