NEW HSD351 EDM drilling machine

Introducing the NEW HSD351 EDM system, our latest product development which offers the most compact and class leading solution to high speed single point drilling which has been specifically designed for meeting the stringent requirements for drilling turbine components.


  • Twin 14 position tool changers (barrels & nose guides)
  • Barrels holding up to 49 individual electrodes up to 700mm (27.5") long
  • Integrated electrode flow meter
  • Auto quill alignment
  • Single collet with a range from 0.25 – 3.00mm (0.010” – 0.118”) diameter
  • Renishaw probe (6-point probing)
  • New generator
  • CAD model-based programming & Graphical User interface
  • Round holes/Shaped holes (2D & 3D)
  • Signature Analysis (Breakthrough control)
  • Automation ready

HSD351 Single Point drilling machine