Winbro Advanced Machining

Winbro Group Technologies has always embraced the philosophy of providing a total solution to customer’s requirements. Combining our intimate knowledge of turbine components with our expertise in turnkey machining systems, we have created WAM (Winbro Advanced Machining) in facilities in both the UK (Shepshed) and the USA (Rock Hill SC).

WAM provides our customers with a range of machining facilities which can be used in a number of different ways. For customers with a machine in build, WAM provides the opportunity to define and refine the process and machining parameters, on a machine of the same type and using exactly the same process. This is an invaluable asset when there is a need to produce production level components ahead of the delivery of a new machine.

WAM can also be used as a second source for component production where short, medium or long term increases in production capacity are required. Our success can be measured by the fact that we enjoy long-term relationships with many of the leading aero and industrial gas turbine manufacturers across the world.

Winbro Advanced Machining (WAM) certifications include ISO9001 2008, AS9100 Rev C, Accreditation with NADCAP for non-conventional processes plus independent accreditation with many of the industry’s blue chip OEM’s.

Single point drilling a Turbine Blade